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Tayal Institute CBLR Exam Course Review

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Tayal Institute is one of the best institutes for CBLR Exam coaching in India. In India, there are very limited training institutes for the CBLR Exam course and Tayal Institute is one of them. If you want to become a Customs Broker in India, you will have to clear the CBLR exam. This exam is quite difficult to clear but if you obtain the right training, and learn and understand the syllabus from a mentor you will be able to clear this exam.

Rajesh Tayal Sir - Tayal Institute
Prof. Rajesh Tayal Sir

Tayal Institute Pvt. Ltd. was started by Prof. Rajesh Tayal who is a well-known professor of the CBLR exam. Tayal Sir is renowned and famous among Customs Broker aspirants preparing for the CBLR exam for becoming Customs Broker in India.

Are you looking for a CBLR exam course? Then you must consider joining Tayal Institute.

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About Tayal Institute

Tayal Institute, established by Prof. Rajesh Tayal, FCS, LIII. During the last three decades of existence, Tayal Institute has helped lakhs of students across the country to qualify for professional exams such as CBLR, CA, CS, CMA, LLB, LLM, and many other law-based exams.

Prof. Tayal’s expertise and technique of explaining the law to students and professionals is a class of its own, comparable to none. Thousands of the best professionals in the country have been his students regularly.

Prof. Tayal has been a regular speaker at various forums including CA and CS Institutes’ coaching and training programs. He has been providing online coaching to a large number of LLB and LLM students on various laws across the country.

He has taught in almost all major cities in India and across Asia. He has also authored 48 books on law subjects.

Tayal Institute’s CBLR course review by Eximpedia

Tayal Institute is really one of the best coaching classes for CBLR exam preparation. All the current students and pass-out students from Tayal Institute have positive feedback toward Tayal Sir and his CBLR exam course. As we mentioned earlier, the CBLR exam is not easy to clear by self-study, the passing percentage of this institute is one of the highest.

Tayal Institute’s CBLR exam course students are always motivated to attend online lectures because of Tayal Sir’s teaching methodology.

Now talking about Tayal Sir’s teaching methodology, Prof. Tayal Sir is highly qualified to teach and solve any doubts related to the field of customs, import-export, CBLR examination, CHA, and customs clearance. He is very approachable, student-friendly, always smiling through his lectures, solves relevant doubts instantly, motivates you to achieve more, and at the same time he is highly qualified, experienced, and professional.

CBLR Course List

1. CBLR Exam 2023: Live classes + Recordings

CBLR Exam 2023 Course Tayal Institute
  • Live lectures + Recordings + Study Material
  • Live Classes of the CBLR exam course
  • CBLR exam study material pdf
  • MCQs training (100+ tests)
  • Exam forms available
  • Unlimited course video views

2. CBLR Exam Course: Pre-Recorded

  • Pre Recorded lectures on CBLR exam coaching
  • Exam forms available
  • 1-year validity
  • Unlimited course video views

3. CBLR Exam: Practice Test MCQs

CBLR Exam- Practice Test MCQs - Tayal Institute
  • CBLR exam MCQs test preparation
  • Based on important and previous year questions of the CBLR examination
  • Practice unlimited times
  • 1-year validity

4. CBLR Exam: Introductory Course

  • 6 videos that provide information about a career as a Customs Broker, Procedure of becoming a Customs Broker, CBLR exam eligibility, Syllabus for CBLR Exam, and Coaching program.
  • The fee for this introductory CBLR exam course will be refunded, once you join the coaching program

5. CBLR Exam: Crash Course Fast Track

CBLR Exam- Crash Course - Tayal Institute
  • 80-85% syllabus coverage of the CBLR exam
  • Live lectures of the CBLR exam course
  • MCQs test
  • unlimited course video views

Why should you join Tayal Institute for its CBLR exam course?

  • Three decades of academic excellence in the field of CA, CS, LLB, LLM, and other law-based studies
  • Highest success rate
  • Choice of multiple courses to suit your requirement – Six months of Regular courses (online), Pre-recorded Courses, short-term crash courses, Topic-wise courses, etc.
  • Complimentary revision class at no extra cost
  • Study material is always updated on day to day basis
  • Class notes in the form of charts, and mind-maps make understanding and memorization very easy

Tayal Institute’s CBLR exam course Review – Pros and Cons

1. Mobile app/website-based learning
2. Very affordable fees
3. Free Preview
4. Time Flexibility
5. Offline Download
6. Quick doubt solving
7. Faculty is very approachable
8. In-depth syllabus coverage
9. Personal Counseling
10. Also covers lectures on study motivation, discipline, and study tips & tricks
11. Unlimited video views
1. No physical books
2. No classroom/ offline classes
3. You will be missing peer learning and group studies
4. You might procrastinate and need self-discipline

To conclude, we find Tayal Institute very credible for its CBLR exam courses by deeply analyzing its syllabus, teaching methodology, past performance/ student passing rate, doubt solving and all other pros mentioned in the table above. There arent any cons that may affect negatively your CBLR exam study preparation.

Hence, we highly recommend joining Tayal Institute’s courses for the CBLR exam preparation.

To know more details about the CBLR exam courses you can fill out the form and submit your details. Our team will share all the details or contact you as soon as possible.

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