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How to Find Buyers for Exports from India? Innovative ways for 2022

In this article, we will talk about some of the most innovative ways in 2022 to find buyers for your export business from India.

Like in any other business, in the import-export business many new owners struggle in how to find buyers for export products which is normal because you gain experience by learning.

As you know that every business is different some businesses are offline, some businesses are online. Other than that sectors could be different like Auto, Pharma, Real-estate, etc. But there is one thing which is common in all the businesses around the world and that is the customer. You can start any kind of business you want, in any sector you like but one thing all businesses have to focus on and compete for is customers. You may have heard that Customer is the King.

How to find buyers for export?

No product or service is good if it is not able to generate sales and profits in long run. While choosing a niche product for your export business you definitely have to keep this in mind that – “Will I get consistent orders?”, “Will I be able to find buyers for new export business from India?”, “How to get loyal customers?”

If your business is old and well established and you are planning to grow it then you must find new buyers for your export product business.

There are many ways to find buyers for the products which you want to export from India.

Let’s talk about a few ways which will help you how to find buyers for your product exporting.

How to find buyers for exports from India - eximpedia.com
How to find buyers for exports from India – eximpedia.com

Innovative ways to find buyers for export business from India

1. International Buyers’ Website/ Online Marketplace

An online marketplace is one of the biggest sources for buyers and sellers and to find buyers for export business from India. There are a lot of online marketplaces and international buyers websites you can use an online marketplace to find buyers for export. The online marketplace has different types to create your presence.

If you are looking for how to find buyers online for export business online from India then please follow these steps –

  • First step you can do it create your own website create own your own or hire a professional Web designer and web developer to do it for you.
  • Other thing you can do is find website of wholesale sellers of your product. And contact them directly.
  • Third thing you can do is start social media page of your product and let people know about your presence.
  • Last but not least you can start social media marketing or search engine marketing. You can start using banner ads or different type of ads to target buyers.

Examples of online e-commerce marketplaces: https://www.export.gov/article2?id=eCommerce-Online-Marketplace

2. Trade Fairs And Expo

For your quest on how to find buyers for export products, Trade Fairs and expos related to your product can be a big opportunity. At trade fairs and Expo, you can meet international buyers as well as companies that work in the import and export business. You can also participate and showcase your products and services at the stage.

Because these trade fairs and Expo are more folks don’t one group of people related to the same industry. Every person attending that Expo is a potential buyer and it is up to you, how much you can increase your network.

3. Export promotion bodies of government

As you know that government bodies like commodity boards and export promotion councils are tasked to increase the country’s export business. So getting information regarding buyers of your product from these ministries isn’t hard. Other than that you can also get data like How much export your industry does and what is the potential, etc. These government bodies also organize events so that buyers and sellers can meet at a place and work along with the government’s object.

4. Government Websites

Government websites can also be a great source of information on how to find buyers for export products. These government websites update data on how many buyers are importing products from the country. And you can find potential targets related to your business.

You can find buyers list for export on some Government websites

These government websites will give you details on how to find buyers for export by providing buyers lists, partners lists, trade shows, trade exhibitions, sales channels for export, and much more relevant information that will definitely help you.




5. Digital Marketing

We have talked about this strategy in a brief already but let’s expand our knowledge. If you are searching for how to find buyers for export in USA, then traditional offline marketing isn’t going to help you find buyers for export products because it is not feasible to travel and visit USA just to find buyers.

Digital advertising campaigns are more targeted to the buyers than any other type of advertisement. There are few companies that have emails of many businesses around the world and they have also categorized it depending on the sector. You can always target these email addresses because they are more related to potential buyers. Which will increase your chances.

And social media marketing is also very similar to email. You can target people who are interested in your industry or already working in it. Which increases the chances of you getting a buyer.

6. Agencies

You may not know that there are many agencies around the world, which work as an intermediate for you to find buyers for export products. These agencies work as commission agents and they often find buyers who are willing to buy in bulk. Even though many agencies work independently, there are a few government-approved agencies. These agencies can help you grow your business by providing you with an international buyers list.

7. Listing products on E-commerce websites

Another great way to find buyers for export products is by listing your products on e-commerce websites. But here is the catch, when you are listing your products on eCommerce websites make sure that these websites are not focused on retail customers. Because if you focus on a famous website that is more focused on a retail customer you will not find any buyer for your export products. For example, listing your product for export in Flipkart is not going to work, but if you list your export product at Alibaba then it will be a different story.

8. Market research companies

There are many market research companies that provide their professional services to exporters. Market research companies can be a good option for answering your question – How to find buyers for export? These companies do research on specific sectors and find their potential in different countries, help build relationships, Export ways, Taxes, etc. These companies can play a crucial role in any due to the data they have. With the help of these companies, you can also establish new markets in different countries.

We hope that you must have understood all the details on the BoE / Bill of Entry mentioned in this article. If you have any questions or want to know something else related to BoE or any other topic related to Import, Export, and Foreign Trade then please comment down below. We will surely answer your queries.

Additional Bonus Tips to Find Buyers for Exports from India in 2022

9. Mail Indian embassy in foreign country

To your surprise, embassies can be a good source of trade-related information. We highly recommend getting the help of the Indian embassy in the country that you are looking forward to exporting your goods. Did you know, India has more than 200 embassies and consulates in many countries across the world. Indian embassies in a foreign country have access to all the local trade-related information like the latest news, market trends, who is buying what, who is selling what, average price rates, demand-supply of imports, and exports.

Basically, you can approach them via email and ask for a list of buyers in that country in your industry.

You can put this in your email draft –

  • Your details
  • Business details
  • Product and service related details
  • Reason to approach
  • Exact requirements
    • industry sector name
    • size and capacity of the buyer
    • buyer’s business – age
    • major imports
    • country of import
    • average market rate
    • email
    • phone number
    • website
    • address
  • How are you going to contribute Indian exports

In some scenarios, after requesting, FIEO and EPC can also contact these embassies on your behalf to gather the relevant buyer information for you. However, for obvious reasons, it should be noted that in all such cases, the onus of due diligence on the buyer’s credibility rests with the exporter (i.e. you).

You can also ask them to check the authenticity of your buyers/ prospects by requesting them to check the defaulter list and business track records (subject to availability)

10. Virtual exhibitions

Virtual exhibitions are a great way to network with others in your industry and to show off the products you have to offer. Virtual exhibitions are very easy to search for, attend, affordable, and the most convenient medium to get mass visibility.

How do I find an export buyer?

If you are expecting that you will close a sale just by attending a virtual exhibition then you are absolutely wrong! Because mostly everyone out there is for selling their products!! so who is buying?

  • Firstly, you need to keep a track of all the exhibitions happening around different countries.
  • Check the list of companies as exhibitiors
  • Research about them (website and social media)
  • Maintain an excel sheet
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Most importanty answer to other people’s questions/ doubts. Here you will have to network and sell them your product as a solution!
  • Have you heard this? – “Your network is your net worth” Building a network takes time but it will definately help your business.
  • Connect with them on social media especially LinkedIn
  • Built a rapo
  • Follow-up with your prospects

11. EPC – Export Promotion Council

EPC, export promotion council has various organizations in it like – APEDA, FIEO, AEPC, EEPC, amongst others.

Please do check the – List of Export Promotion Organisations in India

You can contact EPC or directly to a specific EPC organization, they can assist you in providing a buyers list. The primary objective of these organizations is to promote and grow the exports of India. Hence when you are seeking help from them, they will definitely respond and guide you.

You can register yourself and become a member by obtaining an RCMC – Registration cum membership certificate. DGFT has mentioned the entire process for RCMC here – RCMC module

12. Eximpedia database

As we all know, Eximpedia helps importers, exporters, and all the parties involved in foreign trade to grow their business. We are soon going to start assisting in providing databases across various industries.

You may voluntarily fill in your details to get updates on the services offered by Eximpedia.

WWW.EXIMPEDIA.COM gives all the information related to import, export, and foreign trade. We at EXIMPEDIA help importers and exporters to start, grow and develop their business by sharing all the updates, news, tips, know-how, business ideas, documentation process, legal process, list of buyers & sellers, exhibition and event updates related to import and export business.



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