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CBLR Exam 2023 – Syllabus, Study Material, Dates, Results, Latest News, Application Form, Eligibility

CBLR Exam syllabus, notification, important dates, results, application form, study material for the CBLR exam, eligibility, latest news & notifications related to the CBLR exam

CBLR Exam 2023 / Customs Broker Exam 2023 / Rule 6 Exam / F Card Exam

In this article, we have explained everything about the CBLR Exam 2023 in short and crisp. We have covered the CBLR Exam syllabus, notification, important dates, results, application form, study material for the CBLR exam, eligibility, and the latest news & notifications related to the CBLR exam.

If you want to know in detail about the CBLR exam, you can read our article on – how to become a customs broker in 2023 on eximpedia.com

Exam Name

CBLR EXAM / CHA EXAM / CUSTOMS BROKER EXAM / RULE 6 EXAM / F CARD EXAM. All these names are for the same exam.

CBLR Exam full form is Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations Exam. This exam is commonly referred to as the Customs Brokers exam.

How can I become a CHA in India?

  • To become a CHA in India you have to clear all 3 stages of the CBLR exam.
  • The 3 stages of the CBLR exam are – Application, Online exam, and Oral Exam.
  • To appear for the CBLR exam to become a CHA in India you must go through this entire article.

CBLR Exam Info

  • This exam is given to obtain Custom House Agent License or the Customs Broker License in India.
  • The exam is held once a year and is done in 3 stages – Application, Online exam, and Oral Exam.
  • The eligibility criteria for the exam are as per Customs Broker Licensing Regulations 2018. You can read this article to see if you are eligible for the exam.
  • CBLR exam is conducted by the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics (NACIN) on behalf of Indian Customs at All India Level.

What is CBLR Exam?

  • CBLR Exam is an exam given at an All-India level to become a customs broker in India.
  • The full form of the CBLR exam is Customs Broker Licensing Regulation, 2018 exam.
  • To become a customs house agent or customs broker in India, it is a mandatory requirement to appear for the CBLR exam which is also known Customs broker exam or F category or F card exam, or the Rule 6 exam.

Details about Customs Broker Exam in India

EXAM LEVEL Above-average to Difficult
CUSTOM BROKER EXAM DATE 2023To be declared soon
CBLR EXAM 2023 APPLICATION DATES 18.10.2022 to 18.11.2022 till 6pm
OFFICIAL WEBSITE www.cbic.gov.in & www.nacin.gov.in
HELP DESK [email protected] & [email protected]
CBLR exam admit card download link 2022Click here to download
CBLR Online Exam Result 2022Click here to Download | Click to view
CBLR Oral Exam Result 2022Click here to Download

CBLR /Regulation 6 – Exam 2023

Customs Broker, also known as CHA, is one of the most rewarding careers. The license to act as Customs Broker is issued to the Central Government after the written exam and viva. This exam, conducted once in a year, is one of the highest-level professional exams in the country. Following is the information for –

  1. Eligibility – MBA, CA, CS, CMA, LLM
  2. Age limit – None
  3. Career Opportunities – Jobs and independent business
  4. Form Submission date – From 18.10.2022 to 18.11.2022
  5. Date of publication of eligible candidates – 8.12.2022
  6. Exam – March 2023
  7. Format of Exam – 150 MCQs
  8. Negative marking – Yes
  9. Passing Marks – 60%

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Eximpedia YouTube Video on – How to Become a Customs Broker? CBLR Exam 2023 Guide | ‘Customs Broker License Exam’ (CHA or F Card)

Watch this video to know everything about Customs Broker Exam/ CBLR Exam/ CHA Exam/ F Card Exam

What after passing the customs broker exam/ CBLR exam

After you have passed the customs broker exam, which means when you have cleared the written as well oral examination you have to –

  • Decide if you want the license on your name or your company

If you want the license in your name, then you must fill and submit form B1 and if you want the license in your company name then you must fill and submit the form B2 as per Regulation 7 of the customs broker licensing regulations, 2018. (you can email the eximpedia team at [email protected] to get the format of the two forms)

  • Execution of Bonds & Security

Along with the above form, you also must submit a bond in Form D and a surety bond in Form E as well as a bank guarantee with a nationalized bank of Rs.5 Lakhs as per Regulation 8 of customs broker licensing regulations, 2018

  • Submission of other documents

You will also have to submit other documents like an appointment letter in case you are a director, Aadhar card, PAN card, result of the exam passed, etc. These documents required differ in every city in India and also keep changing every year, so it is advisable to visit the customs house in your city and ask the officer for the list of documents required.

  • Obtaining Form F

Once you have fulfilled all conditions and submitted your documents as required, customs will then issue Form F in your name which is basically termed as an F card, and also your customs broker license.

Customs Broker Salary, Jobs, Recruitment and Benefits, Salary

Once you obtain a Customs broker license you can –

  • Start your own customs clearance business
  • Recruit employees holding G card and H card
  • Become a director in an existing or new Custom Broker firm
  • Can work on Import export company at a higher position

Benefits of Obtaining Customs broker license

  • Detailed knowledge about all products and clearance process.
  • A higher position in your company and a higher salary
  • Authority to file and sign documents for filing bill of entry/shipping bill on behalf of importer/exporter.
  • Salary – starting from Rs. 40,000 onwards.

Eligibility for appearing Customs Broker exam

The eligibility criteria for the customs broker exam are mentioned in Regulation 5 of Customs Broker Licensing Regulations, 2018. It mentions the conditions to be fulfilled by the applicant for making the application to appear for the exam which is as follows –

1. Applicant should be a citizen of India

2. Applicant should be a person of sound mind

3. Applicant does not adjudicate as insolvent

4. Applicant holds an Aadhar Number

5. Applicant holds a PAN Card

6. Applicant is not penalized for any offense and no legal case or proceeding is pending against him/her.

7. No criminal proceedings are pending against the applicant.

8. Should be a graduate from a recognized university

9. Should have a professional degree in Accounting or Finance or Management or CA/CS/MBA/LLM/ACMA/FCMA OR should have Diploma in customs clearance work from any institute or government recognized university or should have at least 2 years experience as G-card holder in customs.

10. Should have financial viability of a minimum of 5 lakhs which shall be proved by submitting a solvency certificate from a bank or CA certificate along with the application.

11. Apart from the above you can also apply if you are a retired Group A officer from the Indian Revenue Service having a minimum of 5 years experience in Group A posts.

Documents required to apply for CBLR exam

These are the documents required to be submitted for application for customs broker exam or CBLR exam

  • Duly filled Form A
  • Affidavit on 100rs stamp paper stating your name, address, that you are a citizen of India, a person of sound mind, is not adjudicated as insolvent, holds an Aadhar Number, holds a PAN Card, is not penalized for any offense and no legal case or proceeding is pending against him/her AND your earlier attempts for the exam. (Eximpedia has given ready drafts in our article for the same)
  • Original Sound mind certificate from a government hospital or from authorized medical practitioner
  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • Pan Card Copy
  • Solvency Certificate / CA certificate declaration stating you having solvency of 5 Lakhs rupees.
  • 10th, 12th, Graduation Marksheets and Degrees
  • Professional degree & mark sheet
  • Challan of Rs.500/- (Original & duplicate) as exam fee

Official website –

Official websites for all information regarding the Customs broker exam or CBLR exam are www.cbic.gov.in or www.nacin.gov.in

Application Form for Customs Broker Exam or CBLR exam

To apply for the customs broker exam one needs to fill Form A in the manner prescribed by customs.

You can download Form A here or from the official website or from the latest notification for the customs broker exam.

The application process for customs Broker exam or CBLR exam

  • Customs issues a public notice whenever the application process is about to start stating the dates and time between which you need to submit your application.
  • You have to prepare documents for application along with Form A as mentioned above in this article, Notarise it and submit it in customs by post or by physically visiting the nearest custom house in your city. (Don’t miss attaching Rs.500/- fees challan while submitting the application)
  • Once the documents are submitted, customs within a month will release another notice with names of the applicants whose applications have been accepted and rejected. If your application is accepted, you will be appearing for online written examination and if rejected, you can apply next year. (total 6 attempts)
  • The date of the online examination is informed via another notice by customs.
  • Once you have appeared for written exam and passed, you will then have to appear for Oral examination. The date for the same will be intimated by the customs in the notice or on the official website.
  • Once you pass the oral exam, you become customs broker and can follow application process for license mentioned above.
  • Application fee for customs broker exam or cblr exam or rule 6 exam or F card exam is Rs.500/- as per customs official website.
  • You can download your hall ticket for the custom broker or CBLR exam from the official website of NACIN 15 days before the exam.
  • Exam centres for custom broker exam will be intimated to you on your hall ticket. The centre is usually close to your address or atleast in the same city.

Exam pattern for Customs broker exam (CBLR exam)

  • The exam will be conducted online.
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs) – Choose 1 option out of 4
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • No. of Questions: 150
  • Language: Hindi & English
  • Marking / scores: +3 for every right answer & -1 for every wrong answer
  • Maximum marks: 450
  • Passing marks for the CBLR exam is 270 (60%)

Syllabus for Customs Broker exam (CBLR Exam)

As per Regulation 6 (7) of the customs brokers licensing regulations, 2018 the syllabus for the customs broker exam or CBLR exam is as follows –

  • Preparation of bills of entry, shipping bills, bills of export, and other clearance documents.
  • Arrival entry and clearance of vessels
  • Tariff classification and rates of duty (customs tariff)
  • Determination of value of imported goods and export goods
  • Conversion of currency
  • Nature and description of documents to be filed with various kinds of bills of entry, shipping bills, and clearance documents
  • Procedure for assessment and payment of duty including a refund of duty
  • Examination of goods at customs
  • Prohibitions on import and export
  • Bonding procedure and clearance from bond
  • Re-importation and conditions for free re-entry
  • Drawback and export promotion schemes including the SEZ scheme
  • Offenses under the customs act
  • Provisions of allied acts including CGST Act, 2017, section 5 of IGST act,2017, the Indian Explosives act, 1884, etc.
  • Provisions for prevention of Corruption Act,1988 (49 of 1988)
  • Procedure for appeal and revision applications under the Act
  • Online filing of electronic bills of entry and shipping bills vide the Indian customs and central excise electronic commerce or electronic data interchange gateway (ICEGATE) and ICES
  • Knowledge of regulations, rules, notifications etc under the Customs Act and other Allied Acts.

Previous years and last year’s question paper of the CBLR exam

Books to read and refer to for CBLR Exam

These are the books and study material for the CBLR exam. The below-mentioned books for the customs brokers exam cover its entire syllabus.

The simple answer to your question – “How do I clear my CHA exam?” is by studying, learning, understanding, and also memorizing the entire syllabus content of the customs brokers exam which is there in these books.

  • The customs Act, 1962
  • The customs tariff Act, 1975
  • Foreign Trade Act, 1992
  • Allied Act books
  • Refer official website for most of the syllabus – https://www.cbic.gov.in/htdocs-cbec/customs
  • Customs Tariff for Product Classifications and rate of duty

If you are looking for Custom House Agent exam study Material then you should have this list of books and study material.

If you have any queries then please mail us at – [email protected]

Preparation Tips for CBLR exam

  • Do not start studying at the end moment or a month before the exam. Even though the portion looks small, it is as vast as it can get.
  • 60% questions are from Customs Act,1962 so make sure you are well versed with sections of the Act and do not skip anything.
  • During the exam, do not mark answers for questions you are not sure of as it will only give you a negative marking.
  • Reach the exam hall on time as there is a verification and checking process before the exam which takes time.
  • Reading books will never be enough, even though you can clear the exam but it would help you a lot if you have little practical experience in the clearance field. So try to take up an internship in a CHA firm and learn as much as you can.

We hope to have answered all your questions, we have given all drafted formats for application of CBLR exam, in detail Frequently asked questions on passing marks, how hard is the exam, etc in our article how to become customs broker 2023?

If you have any other queries and questions, please feel free to mail us at [email protected]

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    I am right now working with CHA firm.

    • Hello Utsav, you can do undergraduate courses in logistics, import-export, supply chain, and international business. There are a lot of colleges and coaching institutes for the same. Along with these courses, you can prepare for the CBLR exam.

    • Hi, Work experience is not considered as an eligibility factor for the CBLR exam application. A professional degree from a recognized university is considered. 


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