About Us

About Eximpedia

Eximpedia as the name suggests, “Exim” stands for Export-Import, and “Pedia” stands for a detailed guide. 

Eximpedia.com is an import, export & foreign trade educational website.

Our aim is to provide a complete guide on export-import trade or international/foreign trade to everyone interested or are involved in this industry.

Our story

Eximpedia was founded in 2021 by Nikita Shinde and Pratik Shinde only to help people to get the most accurate and amazing information related to everything about import and export.

When we started working in this industry, there were a lot of terms or words that we heard for the first time and hence we Googled the term to know the meaning of it. Although Google had the answers, however, everything was somehow not in a language that we would understand, and also, we realized there were not many websites that were written on this particular industry and everything was either paid or we had to apply for their course to understand it.

So, we simply thought of creating a website on which we will be giving information on the terms as and when we come across and especially those terms and topics that we had difficulty in understanding at the beginning, and this acts as a guide to the students and beginners like us.

Especially after the Atmanirbhar Bharat theme, it was our time to become atmanirbhar to do the hard work of research for you so that you become atmanirbhar in the field of import-export after reading our articles. It was easy to come up with the name and fortunately, it was available!

So, here we are! Team of Eximpedia to guide you on your journey! 😀

You can connect with us on Instagram here – www.instagram.com/eximpedia_/

Who can use this Eximpedia?

This website is for beginners in international trade, students, importers, exporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and for everyone who is involved in import-export trade or international trade. If you want us to write on any specific topic that you are facing difficulty in understanding, write to us and we shall put it out there for you. This way you are helping others to understand the topic too!

Our Goal

Our aim is to provide information on topics that are widely used in the import-export and international market and provide a complete guide on how to import-export. We want to make this a platform that helps everyone involved in international trade by giving them important information & ideas in trade and business and helping students and beginners to understand concepts they are struggling with.

How will you benefit from Eximpedia? (YOU CAN GET PAID FOR GIVING US AN ARTICLE!)

  1. Of course, you will be gaining knowledge on import-export and international trade free of cost.
  2. Access to well-researched high-quality content on import-export processes, terminology, data stats, ideas,  etc.
  3. Business Ideas related to import-export (ideas, plan, market research, funding plan, and other complete details)
  4. Exam details related to import and export.
  5. Exim-related latest news.
  6. Success stories for motivation in the field of import and export.
  7. Import-export career guide/ job guide.
  8. Get Paid! If you give us a unique topic/article that can help the readers, we can publish it, give credits and you can get paid for it.

Email us to get more details on [email protected] also check our Write for Us page.

We hope you like reading our articles as much as we like offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



by Eximpedia Team and by Founders – Nikita Shinde and Pratik Shinde

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